Full Spectrum Jazz Big Band

First Time Out

Our first CD spans over 60 years of styles in the evolution of big band jazz, including blues, ballads, straight-ahead swing, bossa nova, and salsa.

First Time Out CD

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  • Review by Dr. Herb Wong
    Jazz Historian / Music Producer:

"Silicon Valley’s Full Spectrum Jazz is a strikingly engaging big band that illuminates ripe emotional colors and a generosity of inspired jazz savoir faire. Dig the ensemble's fluency and the insistent way it swings with vitality and excitement. The individuality of featured solo voices contributes significantly to the band’s equation of dedication, musical wherewithal and the sheer joy of playing. Moreover, the selection of appealing arrangements reflects essential good taste in big band culture. For a threshold recording, ‘First Time Out’ is a notable one, indeed. A work in progress, the band surely deserves watchful attention. What a joyful trip it is to be an ear-witness to FSJ."

"Warning: don’t get left out!!"

" ... San Francisco's hottest new big band ... "

"First Time Out" Tracks:

1.   Strike Up the Band 6.   Blue
2.   Moonlight in Vermont 7.  Peri’s Scope
3.   Clapham Common 8.  It Might As Well Be Spring
4.   All of Me 9.   Georgia
5.   Pegasus 10.  Latin Disease







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